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YEB 2022 | Day 4 – First Half

Rashmi Bansal, a writer, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker conducted the first session on the fourth day of the YEB. She has written books on entrepreneurship, which have been translated into 12 languages including Korean and Vietnamese. Rashmi shared success stories, including her own, of people building successful start-ups by thinking out of the box and pursuing their passion despite all odds. She also inspired the students to learn to silence their "inner critic" and to believe in themselves. Unlike what most people think, she encouraged the students to know the reason they want to become an entrepreneur and that an MBA degree is not necessary to start a business. She distributed signed books to everyone attending the session.

Dr. Revendranath Tirumalsety conducted the second session. In the session, he described the IDEATE framework to students which helps them understand opportunities for startup ideas. Student teams were formed and each team was equipped with methods involved in opportunity recognition, validating the opportunity, and defining the problem statement.

The last session of the first slot was taken by Prof. Leela Rani. She discussed the topic, ‘Introduction to Design Thinking Tools-1’. In the session, the professor discussed with students on Design Thinking processes and principles. She discussed how Design Thinking is a human-centered problem-solving tool with a focus on user empathy. The students brainstormed in teams on their potential product and potential user and learned the principles of user demographic profiling.

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