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YEB 2022 | Day 6- First Half

Mr. Aditya Ruia, BITS Pilani alumni and founder of Beco, conducted the first session on the last day of YEB-2022. He conducted an engaging session where he emphasized the importance of the consumer, feedback from the consumer, making the right team, and finding the right co-founders. Beco is a firm that develops and manufactures 100% natural and plastic, chemical free consumer goods in the kitchen, home and personal care space. While sharing his entrepreneurial journey, he also stressed on the point to act like responsible citizens and keep the environment clean while building the business. He laid great emphasis on sustainable living and adapting to sustainable lifestyle for a clean world.

Mr. Vaibhav Kaushik and Mr. Aalaap Nair, co-founders of Nawgati conducted the second session and discussed the topic ‘Entrepreneurship Journey’. It was a very light hearted session where the founders reminisced about their time on campus, took a dig at each other and discussed what their start-up, Nawgati, does, i.e. developing cutting edge congestion management systems for fuel stations.

Dr. Revendranath Tirumalsety conducted ‘Innovation Pitching Competition. In this, the students were told to pitch 1-2 presentations and their ideas of building a start-up.

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