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A successful entrepreneurial journey: Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla

Students at the YEB-2022 program had the privilege to meet the Chancellor of BITS Pilani, Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla who spoke about the salient features of being a successful entrepreneur. He mentioned that an entrepreneur can create magic only if they operate at the intersection of 3Ps- Passion, purpose and problem. It is important to have clarity on what your purpose is, what you are passionate about, and what is the problem you are out to solve.

He emphasized the importance of ‘starting early’ and allowing a diverse set of experiences to leave an imprint on the young minds. Mr Birla said that there is no better time than now to be young and well qualified in India that’s bursting with entrepreneurial energy. And Institutions like BITS Pilani are at the epicentre of this entrepreneurial movement in India.

He mentioned that India has already emerged as the third largest ecosystem for startups, with over 77,000 government recognised startups across 656 districts of the country and more than 50% of the unicorns in India got added just in the last two years. He spoke about the ease of starting a venture today. All one needs is a sharp mind, a big heart, and a computer. Capital, talent, will all follow.

The session concluded with interesting Q&A with Mr Birla. Through his answers, students learnt a lot about Mr Birla’s biggest learning, his journey as an entrepreneur, and the tenacity to stay focused at all times.

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