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YEB 2022 | Day 6 - Second Half

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Sonam Wangchuk is an engineer, and innovator who has been working on reforming the education sector in India. He addressed the students of the YEB as the ‘Problem Solvers of the Country’. He stated the importance of education, especially innovation should be all about solving other people’s problems. He stated that though the student and he comes from different worlds, their vision is the same- solving problems of the world.

He interacted with the students through slides that he prepared. Through those slides, he encouraged the students to find contextualized solutions to the problems. He shared that problem-solving had pillars- curiosity about everything, empathy- compassionate thinking, and initiative- the spirit to take the first step and do something.

He also explained that Action leads to experience, which further leads to one becoming confident and the by-product of all is a success. He advised the students to do whatever it takes, even if it is difficult.

After getting to know the realities of the education sector, Mr. Wangchuk started ‘Operation New Hope’, a revolution at the age of 21 along with other young people. Through this, he helped the young children clear their matric exams with flying colors.

His session concluded with a Q&A session where he answered questions on social entrepreneurship and its primary objective, failure being the most essential part of any learning, the current state of innovation in the education sector in the country, and also shared about his first start-up and his learnings from that.

After the session with Mr. Wangchuk, Prof. Sudhirkumar V Barai , Director of the Pilani Campus, BITS Pilani interacted with the students, took their feedback on the Bootcamp and cheered them saying to do something they’re passionate about and give it their 100%.

The event concluded with the students being appreciated for all their efforts throughout the 6 day bootcamp. They were also handed over certificates marking the closing of the event.

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