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YEB 2022 | Day 2- Second Half

The second session of the 2nd day began with Prof. Prashant U Manohar demonstrating High performance Computing (HPC) Facilities with a few examples in computational chemistry to give a flavor of scientific computing to appreciate the relevance of the facility.

Dr. Satish Dubey from the Hyderabad Campus had an online session on Clean Room, state of the art facilities for Micro and Nano semiconductor device fabrication and characterization.

Dr. Anil Gaikwad and Dr. Sushil Yadav assisted the students in visiting the animal house. The purpose of the visit is to educate the students about the pre-clinical pharmacokinetics, bioavailability studies and pharmacological screening of various drugs.

Dr. Vinay Chamola took another session during the day in which students were taken for a visit to the Remote Lab and Johnson Controls Lab. While visiting the Remote Lab, the students were demonstrated the control and monitoring of remote IoT devices and motors. They also visited the Johnson Controls lab where they were demonstrated various control operations like those used in Air conditioning systems.

The students concluded their second day feeling an adrenaline rush after visiting the gym ground and competing against one another in basketball, volleyball and football matches.

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