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YEB 2022 | Day 3- Second Half

The second session began with Dr. Manoj Kumar Soni and the team of his students demonstrating the Solar Thermal Equipment to the students. Prof and his team demonstrated sustainability through solar energy and its usage for heating, power generation, cooking, etc.

During the interaction with the students, NSS and Team Nirmaan discussed the plight and the ground realities of rural India, for instance, places like Pilani. Another topic of discussion was social entrepreneurship.

Mr. Shiv Shukla and Ms. Ishika Kadam, as Team Anant, shed light on the design, build, and launch of Nano Satellite. After the session, the students became aware of the basic concept of Nano Satellite, the different sub-systems involved in its making, and its functioning.

Mr. Ansh Seksaria and Mr. Ayush Firodiya, on behalf of the 40-member team, discussed the process of making, Daksh, India’s first car to run on 100% Ethanol (E-100) fuel.

Dr. Sachin Belgamwar, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, BITS Pilani, spoke on the topic, ‘E-trike’ Electric Cycle for especially-abled people.

During the evening, students attended a session on ‘Art of Photography', which was conducted by Prof. Rishikesh Vaidya dissected photography’s art and science into its essentials and discussed some compositional rules for making impactful images. Prof also discussed the bare bones of technical expertise indispensable for creating beautiful photos.

The day concluded with Prof. Kaushar Vaidya conducting a talk on ‘Astronomy’ and a practical ‘Sky Gazing Session’. The students were explained the best telescopes which will answer the top astronomical questions. Prof Kaushar also highlighted how India created its niche in this field by giving examples of some of the current as well as upcoming Indian telescopes.

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