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YEB 2022 | Day 3- First Half

In the day 3 of YEB 2020 participants had an hand-on experience of the device which enables a blind students to learn to read, write and type braille on their own. Sanskriti Dawale, (Goa, ’12) Founder and CEO of Thinkerbell Labs introduced the students to ‘Annie’, world’s first Braille literary solution making the blind children learn, read and write Braille. She shared her journey of becoming a social entrepreneur, developing an advance solution for visually impaired students and making braille easy, like never before. She also gave personal time to the students who had questions and patiently answered all their queries and doubts.

Dr. Kamlesh Tiwari, Assistant Professor in the Computer Science and Information Systems Department, BITS Pilani took the lecture on the topic ‘Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Impacts of AI/ML on society. During the lecture, professor shared what intelligence is and how we it can be manifested by a computer.

The first half of the day was concluded with CS/IS faculty members and research scholars demonstrating the AI/ML-based software and various AI/ML applications. The practical session displayed a chatbot that answered the questions according to specific content and recommends the relevant question-answer pair to the users; and the facial expression recognition software that can recognise the mood of the person depending on facial expressions.

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