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YEB 2022 | Day 2- First Half

The Day 2 of YEB 2022 started with the topic of ‘Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset’. Mr. Abhinav Khushraj (Pilani, ’95), Co-founder of Petasense and Stealth Startup, started the session by asking the students about their ideas to become an entrepreneur. He continued the session on the topic, broke some myths that people usually think while doing a start-up, and discussed some fundamental reasons to become an entrepreneur. Keeping the session interactive, he took many questions from the students, clearing their doubts and queries.

He concluded the session by talking about his entrepreneurial journey, the mistakes he committed, and how he improved them.

Dr. Vinay Chamola & Dr. Meetha V Shenoy, Assistant Professors in the department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering conducted the session on "Introduction to the IoT and its applications". The session gave an introduction to the IoT, the salient features, applications, and the various technologies that have enabled IoT.

Dr. Vinay elaborated on the broader range of Applications while Dr. Meetha discussed the implementation of an IoT system for Weather Monitoring.

This session was followed up with a hands-on session where the students were enabled to create a prototype of a weather monitoring station using Nodemcu microcontroller, appropriate sensors, and cloud services.

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