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Second Session

After the first session, the students were taken to the BITS library, considered one of the best libraries with books on all subjects, topics, and concepts.

Dr. Revendranath Tirumalsety, Assistant Professor, Department Of Management, shed light on ‘Seeing Problems Through Observation’.

Dr. K S Sangwan, Senior Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department and Chief, Workshop Unit demonstrated the concept of Learning Factory, 3D printer, and CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) Machine to the students.

Mr. Ayush Firodiya and Mr. Vedang Nadkarni are students at BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus. Both of them are involved in the CRISS- All-Terrain Automation Mars Rover, with Ayush being the team lead and Vedang being the Vice team lead.

Mr. Jayat Rohil, CEO Vimana introduced the students to UAVs, the technology behind UAVs, and the applications of Drones. A demonstration session was also conducted by team Vimana at the Rotunda and the Birla Saraswati Temple.

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