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YEB(Young Entrepreneurship Bootcamp) at BITS Pilani Goa Campus: Day 4

Today the students were introduced to Bactreat Environmental Solutions LLP led by Prof Srikanth. After having breakfast, the batch went to the session “Knowing your customers”.The speaker of this session was Mr. Amit Vasistha, founder of MyGALF.

The next session was on Product Development, Testing & Validation (Solutions): Case Study of Chat GPT. Ms. Farheen Sayed, Director of Vanillakart, was present during the entire session. Students were told some “Jugaadu” tricks to do complex things. It was a very insightful session for the students where she also focused on health apart from the knowledge of crypto.

After lunch, the students were taken for a demonstration of workshop instruments/ 3D printing & Scanning facilities. It was a 3-hour long workshop: Redesigning and processing, advanced robotics, mechanical workshops-welding, carpentry, etc… They were also shown laser cutting.

Next, there was a session on price discovery and monetization by Mr. Lohit Sahu

CEO, Edzok 226 Innovations. It was a very interactive class where students had multiple puzzles to solve, and the learning was solely based on it.

After this, they went for an interactive session with Dr. Raviprasad Aduri and Dr. Rajorshi Sen Gupta, where they were told of different business model plans and lean canvas model. They were given different group activites and the tribe enjoyed and learnt a lot!

Finally, they were taken for SPECIAL GALA DINNER in VGH LAWNS. The Musical Society Of BITS Goa Musoc performed breathtaking performances. Students also participated and mingled with them. Prof Mridula Goel, who is instrumental in the organization of YEB cut the cake , post which students had dinner and discussions regarding their final pitch which is just 2 days away! After this long eventful day, students went back to their hostels. Looking forward to Day 5!

- Written by Shivansh Mishra

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