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YEB(Young Entrepreneurship Bootcamp) at BITS Pilani Goa Campus: Day 2

After waking up, the students had Poha for breakfast. The day commenced with a fascinating and awe-inspiring lecture on End-to-End App Development, which was exceptionally informative. It was given by Dr. Kunal Korgaonkar, BITS Goa faculty, along with CS and EEE Thesis students as volunteers. App development is the future as we require an app for every new business prototype was the comment put up by 1 of the 64 YEB participants this year.

After this session, students enjoyed a great session with Mr. Harish Uthayakumar, Co-Founder BlueLearn, on "Unique Value Proposition". During the session, they were enlightened about the concept of "moat," which safeguards a company from its rivals. Adithi said,” Today was a very interesting and informative day; I learned from Harish how a strong business moat protects a company’s competitive advantage, making it difficult for rivals to replicate or surpass its success, and that Uniqueness sets you apart and gives you a competitive edge so that you can embrace your individuality” while another guy was motivated by Harish's words which said “People trust people, having a MOAT as well as a rage of innovation is important.”

After this wonderful session, they went for a delicious lunch after which Dr Shalini Upadhyay, a BITS Goa faculty, took the students on a journey of activity-based Creative Thinking. In the creative thinking session, they absorbed the knowledge that "Creation is an iterative process rather than a linear process."Adarsh said how this session motivated him to expand his thinking capacity and think outside the box. He also learned that teamwork is a vital part and that we must plan before we take action. During this session, they also analyzed the different styles of thinking viz visual, systematic, scientific, etc. Creativity is simply the art of assimilating existing things into an idea that looks new and attractive.

The fourth session was icing on the cake when the esteemed Vice Chancellor of Bits Pilani, Mr V Ram Gopal Rao interacted with the bunch of students in the telepresence classroom for around an hour. This talk was quite unexpected yet contained simplified versions of what's generally classified as abstract in Nanotechnology. His contribution to building such impactful startups with a simple question like “Can my mobile have a sense of smell?“ is inspiring. He broadened the horizon of participants in this ever-emerging field of nanotech. Some of the 10th graders were so motivated that they wanted to learn more about this field! Sir concluded by saying that the three P’s to success are Passion, Patience and Perseverance and that you need 10000 hours to become good at something.

Then the participants headed towards refreshments, post which they were splitted in group of 5-6 and were taken on a guided tour of the beautiful and vibrant Goa campus. This was led by CEL and CSA volunteers. The seniors of the college told them the various college stories and how to network with people. The participants were surprised by the scenic beauty and panoramic view of the campus surrounded by Zuari river, hillocks, waterways, and forest.

After the dinner, the day culminated with a marvelous documentary film, “The Coal Story” by Living Heritage which showed the struggles of the local Goan people who fight for their rights to protect their environment and to save themselves from hidden trouble of coal mining and transportation by the government. Abhaya said,” The moments capturing the frust, rage, helplessness and will to bring a change by localities were marvellous. The cinematography especially the background music was one of the best parts of the movie”. After the documentary, participants went back to their hostels. Looking forward to Day 3!

- Written by Shivansh Mishra

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