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YEB Hyderabad Campus (2nd Edition) | Day 4

Channel Decisions | Dr. Swati Alok and Dr Pardha S Gurugubelli

Day three started off with an interactive session where students discussed their projects with Dr. Swati Alok and Dr Pardha S Gurugubelli. Each team showcased an invaluable sense of how to tackle common problems with topics ranging from healthcare to the food industry. The faculty provided the much needed guidance and support to the students to help them understand how to frame their ideas in a smart and efficient manner to effectively reach the required audience.

Cost Structure | Dr. Thota Nagaraju, Dr Pardha S Gurugubelli

Every startup needs funds: capital cost and running ones. In this session the speaker Dr. Thota Nagaraju dived into the depths of the concept of cost structure. Using simple terminologies, he explained to the students some important concepts of economics such as opportunity cost, fixed cost, optimization cost, implicit and explicit costs and marginal cost analysis. The students also got an insight into managing different monetary aspects of entrepreneurship to maximize profits. He also explained to the students the importance of understanding consumer psychology and sentiments.

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