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YEB Hyderabad Campus (2nd Edition) | Day 3 - Second Half

Entrepreneurial Mindset To Innovate/Ideate Speaker | Mr. Rajesh Ramaduraj, Founder And Ceo Of Inzepra Pvt. Ltd.

The session started with an engaging warm up to the beats of aerobic music. The speaker Mr. Rajesh Ramaduraj, an alumnus of BITS, shared with the students his exhilarating journey of setting up INZEPRA. What sets an entrepreneur apart from the rest? In an eye-opening session, he gave the enthusiastic Gen Zs a glimpse into the minds and habits of an entrepreneur. These Gen Zs, who make for around 30% of today's workforce and are torchbearers of the future got an insight into the ultimate key for success in any venture “Learn to face failures, not to run away from it.”

With a bouquet of inspiring stories ranging from Mr. Ratan TATA , Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, Mr. Dasharath Manjhi, he impressed upon the students that there is no age to set a goal; all it takes is an idea and the courage to pursue it relentlessly. Resilience, Passion, Courage, Confidence and Optimism were the terms that reverberated across in the memorable session.


On the second day of lab visits, the students visited the Biotechnology Lab. It was an informative session where they learnt about converting linear economy to circular economy using waste management techniques. Sewage treatment, Biofuel generation and how Waste segregation, which are all techniques the campus uses, were discussed. Students also saw laboratory, scaled-down versions of Biofuel generators.

Basic Robotics Workshop | OSSEB, Team Aeolus, Team Seds

In this session OSSEB gave students a sneak peek into the world of robotics by guiding the young minds through the steps of building various robots from scratch. The students were taught about how to think programmatically to write code for the machine, assemble the various components like sensors and transponders and Integrate the software onto the hardware. All of this were explained with the case study of a robot that aids humans in doing everyday things: iVac

Team Building

What is a better ending to a hectic day than playing a sport with your batchmates?

The young participant were made to play a diverse range of sports including relay races, hurdle race and dribbling. The aim of the session was to inculcate soft skills such as team spirit, sportsmanship, sport discipline and how these team building skills can enhance enterprise skills in the long run.

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